For printing without any single editing like using any image from our image gallery & using our ready-made template, no additional charges will incur.

But…we also provide editing services for your images to make them more attractive and fun. The editing price as per below:

  • Adding text only – FREE; or
  • Merging 1 photo with our gallery image (example: edit your own photo to merge with cartoon character image or vice-versa) including text – RM 5.00; or
  • Merging 2 different photos into custom background, custom effects etc – RM10.00; or
  • Other editing services not listed above can be discussed. Please Whatsapp us for any enquiries.

Ordering Timeline
For normal order, edible can be pickup on the same date if order been made before 12pm
For order require editing, we need at least 1 days notice.

MOCKUP (Melihat hasil editing yang kami lakukan)

Can I see the edited photo before print?
We will send mockup for all orders.
We will email you the edited photo thru Whatsapp and we will wait for the green light before going to print.


Setiap mockup yang diminta, mesti diberi lampu hijau untuk cetakan selewat-lewatnya pada pukul 5.00 petang

Any mockup untuk order yang termasuk di dalam kategori “Rush Order”, hendaklah diberi lampu hijau untuk cetakan selewat-lewatnya 1/2 jam selepas menerima mockup tersebut. If no reply has been received within the time, we will proceed to print.

What if I don’t agree with the edited photo?
We will do a new one at NO CHARGE. But only limited to the 2nd attempt. If any changes need to be done after the 2nd attempt, RM5 will be charge.